The RA or Regional Anesthesia

Regional anaesthesia (RA) is a technique used to inhibit sensation in a chosen region of human body, such as an arm or a leg, which will be operated on. It consists in distributing the anaesthetic product around the nerve structures to eliminate sensitivity and mobility. RA enables fast post-operative recovery and reduces the side effects when compared to general anaesthesia. The application of Ultrasound-guided regional anaesthesia (UGRA) is growing rapidly in the medical field, and becomes a standard procedure in many worldwide hospitals. The DANIEAL aim is to propose an automatic method to localize the nerve zone, in order to assist anaesthetists during the needle insertion procedure.

DANIEAL project is supported by the French Centre-Val de Loire Region for the research and development in the health sector, and involves multidisciplinary industrial and scientific fields.

The project DANIEAL

DANIEAL project, form APR (Call for Projects Area) 2013 of Centre-Val de Loire Concil, will develop an assistive tool, for the anaesthetist, based on automatic detection of key targeted regions based on ultrasound imaging analysis and propose a safe path for the needle insertion.

The proposed approach will significantly improve the anaesthetist’s work by minimizing risk of nerve trauma. Indeed, by displaying targets and obstacles regions, and a safe path for the needle, the anaesthetist will focus more on the needle manipulation instead of managing different information provided by the ultrasound images. Thanks to the industrial/medical/research collaboration, DANIEAL project is expected to lead to a scientific and socio-economic significant impact with high technology transfer potential.


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The project DANIEAL 2
Danieal The Phase 2 project has been selected by the region Centre-Loire Valley, in the framework of the RPA 2016. It lies in the continuity of Danieal project. The general context of the project is the development of robotic medical devices for improving access to care and assistance to the medical procedure. The target application domain is that of regional anesthesia performed under ultrasound. This project aims to provide an expert anesthetists-robot-environment collaborative platform that significantly improves the practice of regional anesthesia.

The objective of DANIEAL2 is to study and develop an intrinsically safe robotic medical device, where the expert is still in the control loop. This is to assist the medical procedure of needle insertion to the nerve under ultra sound imaging using the help of a robotic arm. This platform support will be designed to facilitate the delivery of high quality medical care and custom and to improve the anesthesiologists training process and reduce the risk of injuries to regional anesthesia.

The consortium, like DANIEAL 1, consists of PRISM and LI laboratories with expertise in medical robotics, image processing and visual control of the ADECHOTECH company developing for several years robots medical purposes and Médipôle clinic in Toulouse has a national and international reputation for the practice of guided regional anesthesia under ultrasound.


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